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Alexandre Portela dos Santos - Ericeira, Portugal
Helping businesses with tech | Business and product enthusiast | Author
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Alexandre Portela dos Santos

Hello! I'm Alexandre,

I'm a software engineer passionate about products and startups. For the last 8+ years I've been working with multiple companies, using technology as an enabler for ideas and businesses.

With a big interest in education and getting people excited about technology, I make sure I'm always involved with people who are learning about it, being it via blog posts, books, hackathons, open-source contributions, or meetups. This is, by itself, a learning adventure that I love to be a part of.

I'm a true believer that great software only happens through collaboration, ownership, and teams of great people, that's why I strive to nurture those values in every project/team I work in.

I'd be very happy to get to know you and hear about your best ideas, who knows we can do something amazing together, reach out!