Alexandre Santos
FrontEnd Developer | JS Fanboy

Hi! I'm Alexandre

Lisbon, Portugal. 22 Years. 😁

I'm a frontend developer with solid knowledge of Javascript, React, Redux and Backbone. 💪

I have 2 years of experience developing and maintaining Javascript client side apps.

What i've been doing

April 2015 - Now
FrontEnd Developer
Development of Agroop Operacional (mobile & desktop). Setup and development of Agroop Coop (desktop).
  • Planned and developed the base app, styles and tests. (React/Redux & Jest).
  • Maintainance and code review of Agroop Coop app.
  • Maintenance and development of a BackboneJS app. One of the two responsibles for the main refactor.
  • Integrated a web app with Phonegapp using native features in iOS and Android.
November 2015 - February 2015
Lecturer - Introduction to Web Dev
Specialized training to introduce students to the world of client-side web development. (Javascript, HTML, CSS, Dom Manipulation, jQuery)
  • Teached and created responsive layouts with HTML & CSS
  • Introduced OO programming and Javascript
  • Explained web apps with HTML5 canvas and WebRTC
  • Created and evaluated students exercises
January 2015 - April 2015
FrontEnd Developer
Started the development (front and back end) of a server monitorization app for internal use.
  • Developed the base client app in AngularJS
  • Maintenance and development of REST API in Laravel
July 2013 - January 2015
Designer / Developer
UX/UI Design. Development of the website and web applications.
  • Created layouts and developed apps in jQuery and Polymer
  • Designed and evaluated layouts in Photoshop and Illustrator

What can I do?

Those are the technologies I work with. Most of my work is developing Javascript for the client even though one of my medium/long term goals is to become a full stack developer.

Shell script

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