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Alexandre Portela dos Santos - Ericeira, Portugal
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Alexandre Portela dos Santos

Live Interview at xgeeks

50:31 minutes - November 10, 2021

A friendly conversation where we spoke about multiple topics. From being self-taught, to my thoughts on the current frontend ecosystem, and the move into venture building mode, among other things.

Building a CLI with Deno 🦕

7 min read - March 31, 2021

How to build and distribute a CLI with Deno that fetches the weather for a specific location

Second adventure in Deno land 🦕

11 min read - June 10, 2020

Going a little deeper on Deno. Exploring lock files, testing, sharing code between Deno and the browser, permissions and more.

Ok, TDD sounds great, but...

7 min read - May 04, 2020

Do you have to write all the tests first? Is it that different if you write them afterward?

E2E tests with Cypress.io

6 min read - September 04, 2019

How Cypress.io enables you to write simple, readable, end to end tests

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